Under the Bayou Moon is my latest story. It’s about Jacques and Angelique. He’s the ruler of a gator shifter clan and she is his unwitting mate who was abducted when she was a baby. Jacques only has a few months left to find her, introduce her to her gator family, get her used to the idea that she’s his mate and get her to mate with him or he’ll lose his powers and thereby his throne. This is a contemporary fantasy novel which I enjoyed writing. I incorporated Cajun, creole and bayou elements in this fantasy story which I think readers will enjoy. I also created a map of this fantasy community below. If you’d like to get into my head to see my inspirations, check out my story Under the Bayou Moon Pinterest board!
There you’ll find pictures, and songs which gave me inspiration during the writing of the book. You’ll also find the map I created just for this one of a kind story.
Under The Bayou Moon

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